Replace substring in PHP
Replace substring with other substring.
str_replace function replaces substring specified as 1st argument included in string specified as 3rd argument with other substring specified as 2nd argument.
Searched subtstring(1st argument) can have multiple substrings using array.
If 4th argument is passed, this will be set to the number of replacements performed.
// Replace "Super" to "Great"
$str_original  = "Super panda";
$str_replaced1 = str_replace("Super", "Great", $str_original);
echo $str_replaced1 . "\n";
echo "\n";

// Replace multiple words using array
$search_array  = array("foo", "bar");
$str_replaced2 = str_replace($search_array, "panda", "foo, bar");
echo $str_replaced2 . "\n";
echo "\n";

// Get the number of replaced strings
$count = 0;
$str_replaced3 = str_replace("dog", "panda", "dog, dog, dog!", $count);
echo $str_replaced3 . "\n";
echo $count . " dogs are replaced to panda\n";

$ php replace_string.php
Great panda

panda, panda

panda, panda, panda!
3 dogs are replaced to panda